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hi what is the best way to take rose,and carnation cuttings and when.



Hi, you can take rose cuttings now, select a stem that preferably has not flowered, about 8-10"long, make a straight cut just below a leaf joint, and a slanting cut just above a leaf joint, {remember that the slanting cut is to the top of the stem, as this is important if you lie them down, you don't want to be planting them upside down}, strip off all the leaves, and bury them about 2/3rds of their length either in a narrow trench with sharp sand at the bottom, or round the edge of a deep pot, with well draining, gritty compost and place in a cold frame over winter, the following autumn you can plant out where you want them to flower.
Carnation cuttings are taken in summer, unless you have the perpetual flowering, or Malmaison species, which are taken in late winter, similar process as for roses, Derek.

29 Aug, 2013

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