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By Jo6162


I am new to gardening this year so I have been buying plants that have caught my eye.

I have a lilac cosmos and a chocolate cosmos and I know that the chocolate is not as hardy as the lilac plant. In winter can I bring them inside or should I leave them out?




Of course if in doubt,a greenhouse is ideal or after all the foliage has died back for the year. ;)

31 Aug, 2013


The majority of Cosmos are not hardy and are grown as annuals, with the exception of your chocolate cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus). This one is a half hardy perennial with tuberous roots, and needs to be kept somewhere frost free over winter.

31 Aug, 2013


Have a look at some of the photos on here of members gardens, it may help you to get an idea of what you like to see.

31 Aug, 2013


Thank you,

Yes I will have a look at the members' garden photos - I haven't much of a clue at the moment.

Last night I read that the cosmos must be lifted out of the soil, dried and kept in a cool, dark place until spring.

Can the chocolate one be bought into the living room and grown as an indoor plant over winter or does it need to have a dormant period (as detailed above)?

31 Aug, 2013


I'm not certain, but I'd incline to the view that it should have a well deserved rest over winter! For one thing, it won't like conditions inside in the winter.

31 Aug, 2013


The best place for it is somewhere cool but frost free. It needs a rest, but actually still keeps ticking over in the winter, albeit very slowly.

31 Aug, 2013


Thank you all,

Sorry to be a pain but will the shed do (with two small roof windows) or does it need more light?

I have bought one of those little plastic greenhouses but I can't see it being a frost free place inside.

31 Aug, 2013


The shed would probably be OK for cold spells, but I would be inclined to stand the pot outside in a sheltered corner during milder weather

1 Sep, 2013


Thank you Windy and Andrew.

What a lot of stuff to learn. :-D

1 Sep, 2013

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