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Apologies if this question has been asked before - am still finding my way around. I have a pond that we put in last spring. We have had no end of trouble with blanket weed (even at this time of year) Other half thinks we should clean the whole thing out this spring, but I still think we should leave it and see what happens. We have fish in it and quite a few plants, the bottom is almost covered with oxygenators. We also have quite a powerful filter. Any advice would be great



This and green water is a common problem in new ponds so dont worry too much. Take a stick and wind up as much as you can when you see it. I found mine got less as the pond matured, clear water encourages it to grow. I use barley straw pads and grow plants in it to promote shade. Sounds to me as if your water is too clear/unshaded?

16 Feb, 2010


i also had a pond that gets loads of blanket weed..what i did was go to a pond shop and bought a container of tetra pond algofin .cleared the pond completely and caused no harm to fish or plants and even now pond is clear.

16 Feb, 2010


wow - that was a quick response - thanks very much. We did put some 'stuff' from the pond shop in it last autumn and it seemed to clear it. But I was surprised to find it coming back over the winter. I think I will go with a combination of both replies, and try and get as much out as possible and put some 'stuff' in as well. Was just worried about disturbing the fish at this time of year
Thanks again

16 Feb, 2010


Tetra pond products are good, but I dont think treatment will work till the spring when it is growing so wait a month or so as you may waste your money before then and its not cheap.

16 Feb, 2010


we've a large pond and bought a bale of barley straw very cheaply fom a local farm shop and wrapped ' slices' in soft net . you can find out how much you need on the internet I understand that as the straw slowly breaks down it produces an enzyme that inhibits the growth of algae we still have greenish water -- especially in the summer--but no blanket weed

17 Feb, 2010


just a thought .maybe as winter comes let some alge grow it could be beneficial to fish through the winter then in spring treat your pond with products you are going with .to clear pond for the summer and autumn.

of course i mean next winter

17 Feb, 2010

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