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Partridge Breast Aloe flowering after 15 years

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I'm wondering how rare it is for a Partridge Breast Aloe to flower and how best to look after it.
Ours was given to us about 15 years ago and I've only just discovered what the plant is.
In the course of its life it has broken off from its roots about 4 times. Each time we have simply supported it with a few stones round its base and it has always recovered.
It spent most of its life on the kitchen window sill, North facing so with no full sun.
A couple of years ago it was moved into an East facing conservatory where it has thrived.
Its rapid growth in height and its much larger upper leaves meant that it again became unstable and to rectify the matter I re-potted it with a secure metal support rod which is formed into a ring in the base of the pot.
The plant has now grown to 16" to the top of its leaves and for the first time in its life it has flowered.
It has 5 flower spikes reaching a total of 30".
How big is the plant likely to grow?
How best should I look after it?
Is there a special food?
What type of soil should the baby plants be removed to?
Thanks in advance.

On plant Aloe variegata




If you look down the bottom of this page you'll see pictures of some in flower belonging to other GoY members!

21 Feb, 2010

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