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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Not really a gardening question.

I keep growing flat leaf parsley but now I'm wondering why. Numerous recipes ask for a handful of chopped parsley but I can never taste it ( not that I want to ! )
So I've been omitting it recently and there's absolutely no difference at all to the resulting dish with or without it !
Or have my taste buds deserted me completely ?



I'd experiment with something else, play with the flavours. Or, use a larger hand!? Like a lot of these things, they're not meant to have flavour because people might then dislike them. If it's tasteless there's nothing to dislike. A good example is caviar - salty mush, no flavour at all! Oysters - I won't say what they remind me of, but there are so many tasty fish dishes I wonder why we bother with a tiny lump of gritty gristle in a shell! Scallops - now there's at least a mouthful of wholesome meat! That's my rant for the morning.

2 Nov, 2013


I think a lot of cooks that use things like Parsley do so just to add some colour and make the dish look nicer rather than for flavour.

2 Nov, 2013


That's exactly what I thought, Myron, it's a cheffy thing and is just there to add a little colour.

And I'm with you H.C. - many costly foods are over-rated. For example, my friend buys the dearest fish he can find whereas I always go for fresh mackerel filleted by myself ( not one bone) which I think taste superb when cooked properly.

2 Nov, 2013


Mmmm - mackerel!

2 Nov, 2013


Freshly caught, cooked in foil over a fire on the beach - oh yes, and I just happened to have some gooseberry sauce in a little pot...

But parsley - I don't bother either, except you can taste it in parsley sauce - if you really want to! But chewing a mouthful is supposed to stop your breath smelling of alcohol...

2 Nov, 2013


fresh parsley has a lot of good health benefits too and in small amounts, so even if it is just to garnish a dish and you can't taste it then i would still do it for the benefits.

2 Nov, 2013


Agree with Hortum's rant and also with Catty as parsley is supposed to be very good for you, so if you can't taste it, and you don't like it, so much the better! Pile it in!

3 Nov, 2013


O.k. I guess if it's good for me I'll keep chucking the parsley in. Thanks all

3 Nov, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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