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What could be eating my Heucheras cant see anything but they have a lot of holes?



could be most likely caused by slugs or snails. But the vine weevil like the plant to- but mainly the roots - Ken

10 Nov, 2013


I go with slugs and snails , and you may have a caterpillar lurking as well , have a look through usually very bright green at this time of year near the base of the plant when its light .


10 Nov, 2013


Thanks, will have to keep looking, never find anything.

10 Nov, 2013


Check the underside of the leaves for symptoms of rust - that sometimes causes holes to appear. Vine weevil's the most obvious candidate, but depends on the holes - if they're rounded and peppered throughout the leaf, not vine weevil, if they're nibbled raggedly at the edges particularly, vine weevil.

11 Nov, 2013


Holes in centres Bamboo.......the PLANTAGOGO lady that specialises in heucheras and heucherellas came to our gardening club last week,she says it's a caterpillar that disguises itself to the colour of the plant it's eating and VERY difficult to spot,still havn't seen any, looks like a spray job!!!

16 Nov, 2013


Blimey, that's all we need, a chameleon like caterpillar!

18 Nov, 2013

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