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Any idea what this plant might be? I thought it might be honesty but am now not so sure? Have found a cluster of them but they were being swamped by a buddleia so haven't really done much this year. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.




Looks similar to my Stachys hummelo. However, it also looks a bit like herb garlic, a spring flowering weed/wild flower which, when you crush the leaves, smell of garlic.

it's probably something totally different though lol

10 Nov, 2013


I agree with Badfish, I have this in my garden, herb garlic it has white flowers too, keep digging it out :o)

10 Nov, 2013


Or if it does have a strong smell but not garlic it might be Field Woundwort which has pink mint type flowers and runs underground so if its that dig around it as well as just pulling it out.

10 Nov, 2013


I'm not sure it is garlic mustard, (or jack-by-the hedge), which has clusters of small white flowers and is an important plant for orange-tip and other early butterflies.

Does it have a square stem? It looks more like a wild plant that keeps coming up in my garden which has spikes of purple flowers and beloved by bees. I pull most of these out because they are rather invasive and the roots run just under the surface so you can usually pull up several at once. I don't know the name off hand but it might be Steragram's woundwort or of that family.

The garlic mustard is more difficult to pull and usually has to be dug out. I always leave some of these flowering in corners where they are not in the way and then dig them out when they start to form seed, or sometimes I just cut the tops off at that stage and leave the main plant, but that's probably because I'm a bit potty about bees and butterflies!

11 Nov, 2013


It looks like Garlic Mustard. It masquerades near my Honesty so I leave them until the flower stem comes up and then pull them out if they are the wrong thing. As long as you don't let them seed this won't be a problem. I don't find that it has to be dug out.

11 Nov, 2013


Yes Pennyfarthing, field woundwort does have spikes of pink flowers, quite unlike the hedge mustard ones.So Amsterdam you could leave one until next year and see what the flowers are like.

11 Nov, 2013

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