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Two questions regarding pruning of primocane varieties of raspberries.
Plants put in last autumn have produced some fruit but there are several with significant groups of fruit which are unlikely to mature - should I prune these back now together with the stems that have produced fruit?
I have just put in some more bare root plants, unlike last year`s plants these each have multiple fresh buds- should I still prune them and if so to what height?



So far as I can understand it you treat these rasps. like any summer fruiting rasp. so you cut down the canes that have fruited in late summer and prune the new canes to around 5 foot.

12 Nov, 2013


I prune all canes that fruited last year - and leave all the new growth to fruit this year and so on year after year - I get good crops and the wife makes Jam with the fruit - This applies to most fruits like this - anyway thats the way I do it and have had a lot of good fruit from them - I also protect with nets -- the bloody birds lol

13 Nov, 2013


Yes I agree with Ken

18 Nov, 2013

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