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Wildlife question. On my way home tonight I came across a hedgehog in the road. Luckily I had time to stop in time but it made me realise that I never see them around anymore. Since moving up to our current house (shropshire) we've had to have fencing replaced with concrete posts and base with wooden panels. Unfortunately where we live in village all gardens are enclosed so they can not move around. Loathed to dig whole under panels as that will open up access to foxes, badgers and more cats. I would like however to attract hedgehogs in particular. Anyone had any luck in attracting these little prickeley friends?



Not easy if you have an enclosed garden and bear in mind, most will be hibernating at this time of year now. What you could do is to contact a local wildlife group and ask for their advice, the problem is, hedgehogs find it hard to compete with foxes, cats, badgers etc if you were to put food down for them, by contacting a wildlife group, they may have more advice and tips for you.

Good luck, lovely little beasts.

14 Nov, 2013


gardens likely to attract hedgehogs will have overgrown areas - voluminous shrubs, long grass, piles of leaves, etc. - you could also try putting out some good quality cat or dog food Nothing with fish in it though - also in hot weather they like a shallow dish of water and dont forget be using pest control for slugs etc could kill them - Ken

14 Nov, 2013


We too are in Shropshire and there are no hedgehogs here at all and our garden would be ideal for them. Why none? There are 5 badgers sets within a mile of us. They eat hedgehogs (and grass snakes and slow worms).

14 Nov, 2013


I have noticed the decline for the first 12 years here we had families of them visit every night in the summer and lots of droppings. But the last couple of years we hardly ever see them just the odd adult and never see the droppings either.

14 Nov, 2013


The hedgehog is definitely endangered and needs as much protection as possible. This year, because of the mild autumn, there are some late broods apparently, where the youngsters will not have enough time to fatten up and survive hibernation, so if you are lucky enough to have them, please do feed them! I saw a suggestion that people make small hedgehog holes in their fences or scoop out underneath so that hedgehogs can wander from garden to garden. It would be good if everyone co operated as hedgehogs travel at least a mile at night when foraging, but I do take the point about cats etc.
Please don't give hedgehogs bread and milk as people used to do as it makes them very ill. Cat food seems the best idea.

15 Nov, 2013

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