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Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Actually I've just spotted another plant too, it seems to be growing well but I don't know what it is and if I should keep it or not? Please advise! :-)



well a weed is a plant in the wrong place though some weeds like ground elder are worth getting out as soon as you can.if you know its not a weed it would be interesting just to see what it is

18 Jun, 2008


It doesn't look like a weed - so just leave it and hope it flowers to give us more info on what it is!

18 Jun, 2008


I do not know what this plant is, but I like it and would keep it.

19 Jun, 2008


Is there a type of euphorbia that grows like this?

19 Jun, 2008


Not sure, BB but this plant is attractive in an architectural kind of way - so I would keep it - definitely to see what the flowers turn out like!

20 Jun, 2008

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