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Photinia hedge dilemma, to fertilize or not? Because of my severe disability, one of the hardest jobs of all for me in my garden is keeping this hedge trimmed in the summer. Only about 5 metres long, I've no-one to help me with it most of the time, and I can only manage it sometimes. If I do give it a spring fertilizer feed, will it become all the more productive and thus make more work for me? (It is very well established and on clay). I want to get the best leaf colour possible, nice and bright and red. Will adding fertlizer make a difference to and improve the leaf colour? I want the best leaf colour but without too much growth.




Being on a clay soil will be providing lots of minerals/food for the hedge. I would leave it and save your energy for the pruning. That has far more effect on the new shoots. Good pruning will give lots of new shoots and therefore lots of colour. It looks lovely!

23 Mar, 2010


Yes, I understand clay soil has what is referred to as a 'high nutrient base', as does loam, but that sandy soils have a 'low nutrient base'.

23 Mar, 2010

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