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By Skillen

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

I unpacked the crown of my treefern today and this is what I found! It is wet and mushy. Does anyone know what it is? I don't see much growth going on in there. Is it dead?

On plant Tree Fern




Hmm, hard to know - might be a wait and see what happens, I wouldn't give up yet. I see something at the top of the orangey crown that doesn't look like a cut down frond, but can't tell what it is. Doesn't look dead, just sort of bare instead of dark brown and rooty.

2 Apr, 2010


Thanks Bamboo, I tried to upload a closer pic and it's deleted the first one!
I thought there was a new curled frond growing there but I didn't want to poke it incase I knocked it off. It is a real guey mess, maybe it will harden up now the air is getting to it.

2 Apr, 2010


Have to say, not sure what is happening here but it looks putrid! Let us know what happens.

2 Apr, 2010


what did you pack it with skillen, it has to be dryish and not sweat, whatever you use the air should be able to circulate, hope its ok

2 Apr, 2010


If it's wet and mucky I'd be tempted to try and clean it out.....but as you say you might risk knocking off a frond.....hope it works out ok.

2 Apr, 2010


Thanks everyone, you're right Fractal 'putrid' describes it perfectly! San, it was packed with leaves, obviously they have made it sweat hoping the air will help.... will have another look tomorrow and must say i am tempted to clean it out. Will let you know how it goes. :~((((.

2 Apr, 2010


i think sid right....needs cleaning out...ill keep my fingers crossed for you....

2 Apr, 2010


me to clean it out.if you look at a rootten spud in a sack it spreads unless you take the bad one say it got to damp in there at a guess.

3 Apr, 2010


After cleaning it, try sprinkling a little cinnamon powder on the surface. That's an old amaryllis grower's remedy for bacterial and fungal rots.

3 Apr, 2010


You could also flush it out with water to reduce risk of damage to the fronds. Let it air thoroughly after of course.

3 Apr, 2010


Thanks all, I've cleaned it out today but I don't hold out much hope i'm afraid.
There doesn't seem to be much sign of life, the 1 frond that was there snapped off but there was no green inside it.
Well I suppose that's a lesson well learned! Never pack up the crown too tightly and make sure the air can circulate round it.
Thanks Tugbrethil, it's raining now but I'll try the cinnamon tomorrow.

3 Apr, 2010


hang on to it skillen even if nothing this year maybe next year will come back.

3 Apr, 2010


I'll keep it and see what happens San.

3 Apr, 2010


What happened to you tree fern, did it survive?

11 Oct, 2010


Hi Mossy, no it didn't i'm afraid. I put some soil in the crown and planted an ordinary fern in it. it looked ok and hopefully next year it will look better. I did look for tree ferns in the summer to replace it but there didn't seem to be any. Will look out for them next year.

16 Oct, 2010


not to worry skillen theres plenty down here for you to buy . ill take you to didlington when you come down . its a brilliant , friendly place and plenty of diversity ,great prices and plenty of information all within an old victorean walled garden . the down side is youl have to come with me lol xx .

22 Oct, 2010


I'll look forward to that lol xx

23 Oct, 2010


bless ya looking forward to being with me .
what about the garden lol xx .

23 Oct, 2010


it was the garden i was talking about lol xx

31 Oct, 2010


shux thanx lol xx .

1 Nov, 2010


YW xx

2 Nov, 2010

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