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How do you restore "burned" patches of lawn caused by dog's urine?



If the dog is female, her urine will be much more potent than a male, however, we fed our little grass burning dog yoghurt, if has been said to reduce the acid effect in her urine, sadly our dog eats it all up then brings it all back, obviously doesn't agree with her, sadly our lawn suffered terribly because of the dog and the harsh winter we had here, so im covering the lawn over at the end of the year with buff chips. I know this doesn't answer your question but, its given you something else to think about.

Hope this helps,


7 Apr, 2010


There has been another question recently about this problem, can't remember the number. Part of it is to train your dog not to wee on the lawn - but there was also a what to do when they have which seemed to include sand and new lawn seed, if I remember correctly! You could also build a dog run so pooch can't piddle were it likes!

7 Apr, 2010


pet shops also sell tablets to make the wee less acid and so not scorch and dog rocks which go in the water bowl for the same effect

7 Apr, 2010


i woldnt bother with any solution other than to build a dog run.dogs tend to cock there leg aposed to squating so i wouldnt say there urine is weaker infact as the dog is marking as aposed to just having a wee ie leaving evidance of this being part of his terratory males wee is worse .it can kill small shrubs and trees or plants in pots you just dont get the obvious patches you do with bitches . as for the lawn i believe you water the patch thats bean killed realy well to water down the pee then treat it like any patch in a lawn thats a bit bald much like myself. bitches are more likley to want to just relieve there selves than mark so taking a bitch for a walk first thing and a couple of times later in the day would stop a lot of this and if you catch your bitch weeining on the lawn water the area thouraly excuse my spelling .i have 5 dogs and a lovley garden but i have a dog run .they dont have to look ugly . i have cement in mine broken up bye raised beds and sculptures.the other thing you could do is run some slabs down the side of your garden for ease of cleaning and stop you getting the nail clippers out so often .then you can get fence pannels the same as you have and paint them the same colour .this makes it look like you havnt even got a dog run .you could use wire fence and trellis and grow climbers . theres lots of ideas but dogs and lawn just dont go realy.

8 Apr, 2010


NP I think lots of dog lovers just don't want to hear what you are saying...

8 Apr, 2010


your probably right moon grower but if maybe 1 person listerns then thats a good thing . it didnt take long to write but thanx anyway.its bean a lovley day here today .take care bye for now .

8 Apr, 2010

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