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Can anybody identify this Aeonium please?


By Wagger

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anybody identify this(possibly) Aeonium please?

On plant Aeonium

Succulent_unknown Succulent_unknown.2jpg



Hi Wagger...It looks like 'haworthii'...but im not quite sure...:>)

9 Apr, 2010


u sure its an aeonium looks like an echivera to me....does it have pretty flowers?

10 Apr, 2010


It has never flowered in all the years I've had it, Sandra - just grows these long straggly stems whith 'babies' sprouting from it which then develop their own stems. I've been having yet another look online and think it could possibly be Echeveria pumila - what do you think?

10 Apr, 2010


I don't help myself much - I've just found the label of an Adromiscschus in the pot of this 'mystery' plant - no wonder I get in a muddle with them, lol.

10 Apr, 2010


i hate it when that happens wagger....i get children visiters to the nursery....say no more...

10 Apr, 2010


I blame the parents, lol.

10 Apr, 2010


i just get the blame for our

10 Apr, 2010


I've settled on Echeveria Pumila var. glauca - or is it Echeveria Glauca var. pumila? The same plant seems to be called both - or either, lol.

11 Apr, 2010


i find it all very frustrating when i find so many different names.

check them for vine weavil,,,i have found a few lately....

11 Apr, 2010


I'll do that - thanks for the tip, Sandra.

11 Apr, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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