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can anyone give advice as to how to kill dandelios in the grass I've tried using lawn feed weed killer sand to no avail. It made them go black for about 2 weeks but now they are back with gusto. any ideas

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My mother swears by salt. She makes a small hole in the centre of the dandelion directly above the root, then she fills it with salt. It works for her.

9 Apr, 2010


Roundup. put on the leaves will kill it , but make sure you dont touch anything else.with it.

9 Apr, 2010


Dig them out with a border fork, if any come back weedkill with Verdone.

9 Apr, 2010


I find its best to take them out,making sure you remove the long root as well, an old table knife is perfect for the job......

9 Apr, 2010


You have to dig them out!!! or get a rabbit ha ha

9 Apr, 2010


Orange oil is a good organic alternative, but follow the same precautions as RoundUp, that is, protecting the surrounding grass.

10 Apr, 2010

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