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do you make a beautiful, peaceful and quiet garden when you have a low budget?????

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ive ben buying my plants at poundland and any sales i can find,also e bay is a great place to start,chris

21 Apr, 2010


Buy small plants, and start as much as you can from seed. Plants started younger do better than mature specimens in the long run, anyway. Look for deals on organic matter, and be prepared to deal with weeds, and/or do your own composting. Some of my neighbors do all of their gardening with relatively cheap composted cow's manure--little or no smell, after the first few days. You might want to consult your neighbors, first, though! Accept a little bug damage and encourage bug predators, before reaching for the $25 bottle of insecticide. Above all, be patient, and plan ahead. Your budget, like mine, may only allow bringing one section of the garden into line at a time.

21 Apr, 2010


I am in the same situation and have bought many veg seeds very cheaply. Some of my garden pots come from carboots and am very lucky to have a table that was about to be thrown out which I rescued.. Nurseries also sell plants very cheap too
You will get there..I know I am :-))

21 Apr, 2010


chat to your neighbours. I stopped to chat to a gent a few years ago as he was digging some plants out. we chatted happily then i asked what he was going to do with the plants. when he said bin them I asked if i might have them We have remained sharing gardners ever since.

21 Apr, 2010


Hi, I think this was answered on question 20616

21 Apr, 2010


As seaburngirl says, its a good idea to speak with neighbours, visit freinds and family etc, propagation is a great way of getting started, cuttings, layering, division is so easy provided they are done at the correct time.


21 Apr, 2010


When I started gardening I had just been made redundant so money was not good .so I got a plastic walk-in greenhouse ,seed trays, baskets and tubs from wilkos and a loads of seeds from eBay and for about £80/100 a garden was created.

21 Apr, 2010

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