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Would love to hear from anyone who grows their garden mainly in containers?? I would like to know if you can grow most things in post and tubs.



Hi Aquasulis and welcome to GOY. I have a yard so all of my plants are grown in containers. I grow all the usual summer bedding plants in pots and hanging baskets (fuschia, impatiens, etc) and have potted up loads of summer flowering bulbs today. I also grow quite a few perennials in pots too, such as pieris, heuchera (not sure of the spelling) astilbe, geum....there are loads you can get to grow in pots. I also have a climbing rose up a frame and some honeysuckle up a trellis (both in pots) and also several clematis growing up wigwams. Lillies grow well in pots too. I get most of my plants from garden centres or our local market. I haven't attempted any veggies yet, so can't help you there but I'm sure other GOY members can. Hope this helps and happy gardening....:o)

21 Apr, 2010


Hi Aquasulis, there are quite a lot of members who garden in containers rather than in the ground, so you'll be in good company.
The site will provide you with a lot of ideas too :-)

21 Apr, 2010


I only have a balcony that's absolutely mine (communal gardens, which I do) so anything I grow on there is in pots - it's absolutely heaving with plants, barely enough room for me...

21 Apr, 2010


Thank you all for your responses - I am going to have a go at planting everything in (large) pots and fingers crossed.

25 Apr, 2010


Hello Aquasulis,
I grow everything in pots and wooden boxes on a wooden deck or on the concrete patio. I grow mostly vegies with a few flowers for color. Last year I also started using some used plastic kiddie pools I picked up for cheap. I do this because it is easier then using soil amendments to get the very thick and highly acidic clay soil here to grow anything except pine trees and azaleas! : )

23 May, 2010

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