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By Swanny

Swansea, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, *waves*. Newbie here with a container planting question...My daughter is getting married in April next year, and is having her wedding party in their garden in Southampton....I would like to make up tubs for the event, but I'm a bit unsure whether my flowering times (Swansea) would be the same as hers... I'd like to do daffodils, tulips and something blue (would iris be to early). I'd be grateful for any suggestions and planting times...Many thanks in anticipation..



I think I would cheat and visit the garden centre a couple of days before the wedding, better safe and all that..

24 Aug, 2011


Oooo what a good idea! I could always pretend I did them!

24 Aug, 2011


I'm inclined to agree with Pimpernel - it'll be an expensive way of doing it, but at least you're guaranteed it'd all be in flower. Daffodils vary from year to year enormously - some years they're finished by the end of February here in London, other years they don't even open till end of March (like this year).

24 Aug, 2011


You needn't buy ready done tubs - get pots and sink them in the compost.

24 Aug, 2011


Ah, steragram..took my a while to understand what you meant, but I think I get that, Sort of midway between the two. Do they sell pots of bulbs then?

24 Aug, 2011


Welcome to GoY.

24 Aug, 2011


Yes Swanny your GC will sell pots of bulbs which you can plunge into your fancy containers making it appear that they are growing in them. Keep them watered and recognise they will not survive long in that situation.

24 Aug, 2011


thanks for these ideas, good stuff!

24 Aug, 2011


:)) You can even do the whole thing in Southampton to save carting tubs across the country if you do it that way too.

24 Aug, 2011

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