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Perhill Nursery.

Has any one bought plants from here? If so what are they ie plants quality like?
They seem very reasonable.
Decided to finally give T&- and Park--s a miss this year and try some other companies.



Don't know them, but I have ordered my bedding for tubs from Suttons, the quantities I want at a price that I like, havnt bought bigger plants from them as I resent paying p & p.

8 Feb, 2014


I had disappointing plants from them before so don't use them, lets hope you are luckier than I was Lizziebee.

8 Feb, 2014


If it is the Perhill Nursery which I know then the place is overrun with weeds. Never bought from them other than at the Nursery so no idea what their Postal service is like.

8 Feb, 2014


'over run with weeds' doesnt sound too encouraging and their postal costs would mean plants that seem to be £3.70 end up cost £5+ so not that much of a bargain especially if the plants have lots of weed seeds. They are in Worcs , so does that fit with the one you know Owd? What were the plants like from the nursery?

9 Feb, 2014


I've bought from them - some hard to find perennial plants, which were absolutely tiny, root wrapped in plastic and laid sideways all in one box. All a bit flattened, but they all grew - along with a variety of weeds which were not obvious at planting, so yea, Owdboggy's right - they are really, really bad at weeding, apparently. So long as you're prepared to weed as they grow, there's nothing wrong with the plants themselves.

9 Feb, 2014


Exactly. The ones we bought had to be bare rooted before planting to give us at least a fighting chance of clean plants.
Sad really as the owner is a really nice chap and works very hard, but he is on his own.

9 Feb, 2014


I've bought a few plants from Perhill N. but only on line and I've been pleased with them. Some asters and adenophera. I would certainly use them again.

21 Feb, 2014

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