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Double snowdrops. Been gifted 5 bunches of double headed snowdrops to plant in my garden. Any advice on replanting them into my garden? Do they prefer shade/sheltered location? Still haven't planted my wildlife hedge as ground is just too wet to do any major digging.



They are naturally a woodland species, if that helps. Mine do well in shade.

10 Feb, 2014


Exactly. they do best in leafy soil in the shade of deciduous trees or shrubs.
When planting put them in small groups, three or five rather than singly and plant to just a little deeper than they were originally. IE put the yellow-green stem under the soil, but not too much of the darker green.

11 Feb, 2014


They were talking about snowdrops on Gardeners' Question Time on Sunday afternoon (from Portmeirion) might be worthwhile listening to it - they went into quite a lot of detail.

11 Feb, 2014


I listened yesterday on I player, good advice.....
mine are double and under the magnolia, I divide a clump when too crowded and take it just before finish flowering, then just rehome as a clump in a similar place

11 Feb, 2014


I have to say I do prefer the single ones but we all have different likes and dislikes....I planted mine some years ago in groups...some more shaded than others. I have to say it seems to have made little difference...all have done well. This wet weather seems to have suited them just is NOT suiting me though. I think this is the best year for them.

11 Feb, 2014

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