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Can you take cuttings of this plant and if so how?

On plant Exochorda x macrantha



Hi, I have this in my garden and it's at it's best now. To promote flowering for next year, you should cut off this year's flowering branches when they finish. however, if some get 'overlooked' (easy to do cos there are so many) they form seed pods that will ripen and drop the seeds that easily germinate around the main plant. It probably takes a couple of years for them to establish but hey ho.....that's whats gardening is all about. Instant gardens are great but expensive. The satisfaction of nurturing your own plants is priceless. I'm sure most all of my co gardeners here will agree...

9 May, 2010


i didn't know what this was.
just looked it up....oh i like that..

9 May, 2010

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