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Gogee berry


By Baz

I am thinking of growing 3 bushes can anyone give me a idea how big they grow in this country



You might want to specify what country "this country" is...

18 Oct, 2007


England, sorry about that forgetting about www ?

18 Oct, 2007


Did you mean Goji berries?
If so :
They are easy to grow once they are established. They will grow in almost any type of soil, light-sandy, Medium-loamy, and heavy-clay, but they tend to flower and fruit better in a well drained soil of moderate quality.
Goji Berry plants have an extensive root system and are very drought tolerant once established. Goji Berry plants prefer full sun to partial shade, but plant them in full sun for the best Goji Berry production.
Goji Berry plants can survive winters down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit and hot summers above 100 degrees. The Goji Berry grows as a thick bush reaching 8-10 feet tall with vines that can get 12 feet long. Heavy pruning of the Goji Berry plant will keep this bush looking nice and will also help it produce more delicious Goji Berries.

They've been growing as a naturalised plant in the UK for almost 300 years!!

Try this wiki article and good luck

20 Oct, 2007

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