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By Alextb

London, England Eng

What is wrong with my Celosia?

When I bought it a week ago, it looked healthy and had plenty of leaves. I did some deadheading on other plants yesterday, and found the Celosia looking very unhealthy and evry single leaf dead.

I watered it the same as every other plant during the week, but now it looks like this.

I have put it in a pot and brought it indoors in the hope that it may perk up again.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

Photo_00052 Photo_00053



Bit tender, these, shouldn't have been outside yet, needed to wait till end of May. Mind you, I am also wondering whether snails and slugs or something found the leaves very tasty and have eaten the lot - what happened to the leaves, did they blacken and shrivel, or just gone without trace, or didn't you notice?

16 May, 2010


The leaves just shrivelled up. every single one within a week. I checked yesterday, and they all just fell off when touched.

16 May, 2010


too cold for it.

16 May, 2010


O.K, Thanks Bamboo

16 May, 2010


Should take it back to the shop, as I have been advised to do so with anither plant?

16 May, 2010


Be taking the mickey if you do, really - you're the one that put it outside when it was too cold for it!

16 May, 2010

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