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Can my canna shoots be split off?

West Somerset, England Eng

OK, so my Canna didn't flower, and now I need to replant the pot it's in. But my book says 'Lift the plant when the leaves have been frosted and repot'. But it hasn't been frosted, and is still green and healthy. Please would someone tell me what to do with it over winter - do I cut the leaves off before I repot it, or pot it as it is? What temperature and light does it like until next spring? I have a frost-free greenhouse if necessary. Thanks in advance!! :-) P.S. I got it out and here it is! It has several new shoots growing up.. Can these be split off?

On plant Canna indica




Hi Spritz, I got a new book at the weekend! It says you should lift the plants in autumn, cut them down, and store the rhizomes in a peat-free compost in frost-free conditions. It doesn't mention the leaves being frosted. Hopefully someone else has experience :o)

25 Oct, 2007


Thanks Peter, I'll do just that. I guess I'd better leave the shoots alone, unless anyone knows different???

25 Oct, 2007


From my reading Spritz propagation is done by seed or rhizome only. But as you say someone may know different. Good luck with it though and let us know if it flowers next year!!

26 Oct, 2007

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