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By Johnjoe

Ireland Ie

I Could not resist buying some french marigold from the garden centre as they looked so nice big and strong.That was 2 weeks ago.I put them in flower pots.The flowers look good but the leaves have gone crisp.I cannot see any insects on them..If anyone would ave any idea what the problem is.I would appreciate it many thanks.

On plant Tagetes patula



Have you been watering regularly, Johnjoe? Newly planted marigolds may need water every day, if it doesn't rain heavily.

30 May, 2010


Thank you Tuabrethil for your interest I have been watering the marigolds regularly checking too that I'm not over watering.Best wishes J.J.

30 May, 2010


Well, maybe some other possibilities, J.J.:
Did the rootball fall apart, or "hang on by a thread" when you took it out of the flat?
Do the leaves that are only partly crispy have gray-green scribbly looking lines at the edge of the crispy part?
Do the leaves that are only partly crispy have many tiny, grayish or tan marks near the crispy part, maybe associated with little shiny black dots?
Those are symptoms of separate conditions, but they aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

30 May, 2010


Thanks again Tuabrethil yes they do have greyish scribbly lines,and yes they did fall apart when I took them out of the flat.Yes the leaves have tan marks also.Last night I did spray with bio liquid derris plus I dont know if it will help.

31 May, 2010


Derris would probably help with the tan marks, which are caused by lacebugs. spinosad works better on the scribbly lines, which are caused by leaf miners inside the leaves. The best thing for the crumbled root balls is to cut off all the flowers and larger buds, and feed with seaweed extract. It will look drastic, but the plants will be covered with flowers later.

31 May, 2010


Thanks again Tuabrethi never heard of lacebugs,never heard of leaf miners.Is it worth purchasing spinosad and seaweed extract or should I just replace the plants.I will accept your advice.Best wishes J.J.

31 May, 2010


If they are really scruffy, I would replace them. Sometimes they just never look right again.

31 May, 2010


Thanks again for your sound advice Tuabrethi.

1 Jun, 2010

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