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By Pam_m

I have a 20 year old forsythia bush that has been pruned each year, but now has grown very woody. How low can I prune it without killing it off!



Wait until it's finished flowering and cut out 1/3 of the old wood - especially any branches that are crossing each other or growing inwards.
Cut the rest down by 1/3 when the plant is dormant (ie when it's lost its leaves but before it starts budding next spring) then pruned out 1/3 of the old wood each year.

6 Apr, 2014


If you stick some of the prunings in the ground they will probably root quite easily too.

6 Apr, 2014


they are tough plants, mine was very woody, cut it right down thinking of having a change. but it shot new stems from the ground. did put up with rejuvenated bush for two years, but finally dug it out to plant a new rose, have kept a cutting though, just in case?

6 Apr, 2014

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