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I have a shady corner that I would like to put a flowering evergreen shrub in. Preferably one that won't grow higher than 10-12 feet high. Fragrant blooms a plus, I love magnolias and camelias or something bee friendly! Any suggestions?



Daphne comes to mind and have fragrance.

The only evergreen comes to mind is Magnolia grandifloria. Some are dwarf.

Camellia takes an age to grow tall.

6 Apr, 2014


How about Viburnum tinus or would it be too shady?

6 Apr, 2014


Choysia is good, always green mass of white flowers just coming out and a nice compact shape.

6 Apr, 2014


Drimys lanceolata is a shrub with presence, although the flowers are not scented. I recently posted photos of it.

6 Apr, 2014


Mahonia aquifolium - gets about 7 feet by 5 feet, fragrant yellow mimosa like flowers in early spring (just when the bees need 'em cos there's not much else in flower), followed by edible, blue black berries (bit tart for human taste). Can be pruned back after flowering if you need to, even grows in full shade.

7 Apr, 2014


Interesting that aquifolium berries are tart. I tried Charity ones and they were rather insipid.

8 Apr, 2014


Well I've not tasted them myself, that's what I've read about them - but everyone's taste buds are different, aren't they.... sometimes people say 'tart' when they actually mean 'bitter', well, to my tongue anyway.

9 Apr, 2014

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