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Orchid phalaenopsis. Have got this orchid which has finished flowering ages ago. I cut off the flowering stem after flowering and have fed it every week. Is there any chance it may produce another flowering stem? The foliage looks healthy, it has grown new leaves but I was wondering if it is a mass commercially produced orchid was it intended to be binned after flowering or will it regrow? I have had it for over a year now, patiently waiting!! I have also repotted it in orchid compost. Any advice???




I have one in the same condition. I have been reassured it will flower again just a case of waiting.

11 May, 2014


I have manĊ· Orchids and you have done the right thing to cut back the stem .

I get reblooms all the time so easy .

And when pots are light and roots are white it's time to water again.

I feed mine now every time they get a water with Orchid Rain Mix Feed.

I am going to the Orchid Festival on Saturday in Glasgow

I so love my Orchids

11 May, 2014


I only remove the complete flowering shoot if there is no indication of a node that will send out a new shoot. 9 times out of 10 there is this tiny node and I cut back to that. Did so a couple of weeks ago with a phal. and the node is already growing.

11 May, 2014


If your stem also starts to look woody cut back.

I have been growing Orchids for years now and have now got it down to a fine art.

11 May, 2014


Thanks guys, I will give it a little longer as I have many other orchids that do grow back. This one is proving elusive!

11 May, 2014

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