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Clematis against wall or garage?

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I've bought a C. 'Madame Le Coultre'. (Bear with me, I'm a beginner, so I bought it *then* read about it... Hmm.) I thought it might climb up/ along a 3-4ft high drystone wall. Does it need a trellis, or would it just ramble up the wall on its own? Would it destroy the wall? There's a privet hedge above the wall - would it get all tangled up in that? Would I be better off getting it to disguise a garage wall instead? And how would I fix trellis to a garage?? Questions, questions... :-)

On plant Clematis



I think it would look lovely once established on the wall and tangled in the hedge, sounds great to me.
Unfortunately I'm rubbish at DIY but hopefully someone more practical will advise on how to start it climbing.

3 Jun, 2010


We have got ours on a wall.My OH,screwed narrow wooden spars to it,and then attached some rigid plastic trellis to them.I wouldn't use a wooden trellis,as it will rot in time.As the clematis grows,you can gently tie the stems in,or thread them through,so it grows in the direction you want it,or just let it scramble.The foliage will cover the trellis and wooden spars,so you won't see them...Its better to plant the Clematis about a foot away from the wall,and likes its head in the sun,and roots in the shade,so it helps to put stones around the base,,to keep the roots cool..Plant it deeper than it is in the pot,to avoid clematis wilt,and keep well fed and watered.We also had one on the garage at last house,and screwed metal "eye"hooks to it,and fixed trellis to that.both ways worked for us...hope this helps..good luck.:o).Welcome to Goy,as well :o)))

4 Jun, 2010


You don't need trellis for clematis, you need mesh or netting - you can buy clematis mesh in rolls or in lengths from the garden centre. It climbs by means of modified leaves which hook themselves round thin supports, so won't wrap round a trellis anyway, too thick for them. If you plant it on your drystone wall, it will need something climb and it will inevitably end up climbing up the hedge, perfect as far as its concerned, they're designed to cling round the small twigs and branches of other plants. Attach clematis mesh to your garage wall if you decide to put it there, and let it scramble up that - always assuming there's sun for its topgrowth there.

4 Jun, 2010


Sorry,Asicsgirl,I meant mesh or netting,not bamboo rightly says.My fault ,I advised you of the wrong kind of support...but I know what I meant,Lol.

4 Jun, 2010


thanks so much everyone. The tip about the 'clematis mesh' particularly - who'd a thought there was such a thing... ;-) and very interesting about how it climbs. I have planted it next to the wall and hope to get it to climb upwards and sideways - we'll see! Spoke to my mum this morning and she suggested fixing horizontal wires to the wall for it to climb on - anyone done that? Think I will be off to the garden centre for some mesh otherwise... Thanks again for replying :-)

4 Jun, 2010


I have done the wire and nail thing, but to be honest, it's much easier to put up a piece of clematis mesh - comes in three colours, by the way, white, green or brown.

5 Jun, 2010

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