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Please could somebody tell me what has happened to my pear tree? Some branches look fresh with tiny pears but other branches have no fruit & the leaves are covered with black spots. I have put some pictures on. Can my tree be saved?

Photo_01_07_2014_06_56_44_pm Photo_01_07_2014_06_57_13_pm



Looks like a fungal infection. Pick off the affected leaves if you can and throw them away with your household rubbish.

DO NOT compost them.

Try using a fungal spray on the tree (if the tree is not too big.)

1 Jul, 2014


Did the leaf damage first start off with little pink or reddish bumps before turning into larger dark patches? If so, then this could be pear leaf blister mite. If it is then it's an insecticide that's needed, a fungicide would be of no use.

Pear leaf blister mite is considered more of a cosmetic problem rather than something that will permanently damage your tree. Using an insecticide for leaf blister mite is applied more as a preventative measure than a cure. You need to apply it at bud break for it to work.

1 Jul, 2014

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