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This is scarey! It follows on from the pesticides killing bees a few weeks ago. It was sent via email to me this morning.

Breaking news: A terrifying new study has found that the exact same pesticides causing the massive global bee die-off are now killing birds as well.

The global bee die-off has been happening so fast that scientists are still scrambling to detect all the impacts. And now, this new study also finds that neonic pesticides are killing warblers, swallows, starlings and thrushes nearly as fast as the bees -- at current rates, 35 percent of the bird population will disappear in just 10 years in the areas studied.

We need to get these toxic pesticides off the market before they cause a new “silent spring” -- and our efforts are gaining momentum.

In Europe, there’s a moratorium on bee and bird-killing neonics. Ontario, Canada's biggest province, is close to becoming the first major territory in North America to ban them as well.



This was mentioned on Countryfile a few weeks back as well.

26 Jul, 2014


I again and again go back to biologist's Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring published in 1963. She found among other things that pesticides, primarily DDT was causing bird egg shells to be too thin and crack. If the use of this pesticide was not curtailed she foresaw massive bird population drops, hence the name of her book, a spring would come where there would be no birds to hear, a silent spring. Her battle with the government and corporations was heroic and she succeeded in banning DDT use because of massive public support for her. I am glad to see a second awakening to this problem since there are new generations of pesticide that are now having the same effect.

26 Jul, 2014


I also find the use of chemicals scary as we see less and less insects and birds and it must get into the food chain for humans as well.

26 Jul, 2014


As individuals we can stop using insecticides and herbicides however, until there are laws to stop the big agri businesses using same then we have little hope for the future! We just have to keep badgering the politicians from every angle we can find and adding our names to any petition that is trying to stop the us of damaging insecticides and herbicides.

26 Jul, 2014


I remember reading that. Scary.

27 Jul, 2014


I think Avaaz are running an on line petition. somebody is anyway, try googling it.

27 Jul, 2014

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