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An id on this house plant for my sister in law please. Thanks




Impatiens niamniamensis :D

17 Aug, 2014


Or the Parrot Plant Angie they are beautiful plants to have

17 Aug, 2014


Thanks both of you. She was given it by a friend.

17 Aug, 2014


It is very easy to propagate (so she could give you a cutting lol)
just put it in water for a day or two and you'll have a lovely rooted plant :D
It will grow outside in summer but needs protection in winter ... and it can get quite tall too :o)
but you can always cut it cack and have more plants :D

17 Aug, 2014


Thanks Hywel, ah, that's what she was trying to explain to me this afternoon. She said her friend told her to take cuttings and I said I would find out how.

17 Aug, 2014


She could cut the top off, with a length of stem, and root it. The base will then branch out.
Looking at this photo, she could cut it about half way down.

18 Aug, 2014


Thanks Hywel, she's followed your instructions so hopefully she'll have a new plant soon

22 Aug, 2014


Good :)

23 Aug, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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