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White Hardy Geranium
I am trying to source a scrambling white hardy geranium, any suggestions of a name? My head is buzzing from looking at the hundreds of hardy white geraniums out there and I am yet to find one that fits the bill!
One with similar growth to G. psilostemon or the blue one in this picture. Any suggestions gratefully received.




Kashmir White?

22 Aug, 2014


Thanks Teadrinker, I'll look it up.

23 Aug, 2014


Have you found one yet? I know I'm late at coming across this, but I would like to suggest the white version of good old G. sanguineum. Assuming that you might mean spreading or ground cover, by scrambling?

6 Dec, 2014


Thanks for the interest John - I opted for Geranium pratense plenum album - it has the height I am looking for and therefore hopefully do the job I want it too do.
By scrambling, I mean scrambling up through other plants, just as my G. psilostemon and an unknown blue one I have does. You can just make out the blue one at the back of the image above.
I have G sanguineum and G sanguineum Inverness - obviously not white flowering but I'm not sure they'd have the height I need.

6 Dec, 2014

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