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I have some snake skin bulbs and roots seem to be at the top of the belly button & I thought its indent up for planting. Also there is a conflict on info about planting depth some say 5 cm some 5 inches....big diff!!!

On plant Fritillaria meleagroides



The 'belly button' on Frit. meliagris is where this years growing stem was, plant the bulbs so that this points upwards. I'd be planting them between 4 and 5 inches down in the soil. If you plant them too deep they will move themselves up, conversely if they are planted too shallowly they will move them selves down.

30 Sep, 2014


The bulbs tend to have a base then folded leaves. the usual rule of thumb is 2-3 times the height of the bulb in depth. so I planted mine 2-3 inches deep.

30 Sep, 2014


sort of snap mg :o) I haven't dug them up to see how deep they are but they do have contractile roots so they will find their own depth.

30 Sep, 2014


I think all bulbs do SBG :)

30 Sep, 2014


different depths....I think I did 3 wrong way up....but I guess they won't turn the right way.....I did 7 right way up cheers

30 Sep, 2014


They'll grow regardless Bramhallbill rest assured.

30 Sep, 2014


If in doubt, I plant them on their side. The roots will always grow down and the shoots will grow up from there.

30 Sep, 2014


yes mg all bulbs have contractile roots and don't worry if a few are upside down they will right them selves, clever things bulbs :o)

1 Oct, 2014

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