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Hi Have just received my early Christmas present of a fig tree. Love it, but not too sure how to treat it now. Could pot it up [have some John Innes no. 3 if thats the right one] but as weather is unpredictable i.e frost know would need protection, OR can I leave her in the 4L pot and put her in my small walk i [just about] plastic greenhouse, until next spring and then re-pot. What would be the best thing do you think? At the moment, she's been well watered and put in the wood shed over night as temporary measure. Thanks for reading.



Hi, Ficus carica, or the common fig, is fully hardy, so I would plant it in the garden, they like a leafy humous rich, moist but well drained soil, in full sun to partial shade, but sheltered from cold drying winds, mulch it when planted, then annually, Derek.

7 Nov, 2014


They also need to have their roots confined so planting in a container is good or, if in the garden, put crocks around the roots to stop them spreading. I have had a Turkish Fig for about six years and it produces fruit but they never seem to get large and ripe. I love it though for it shape and leaf and it is just nice to have. Its always outside and no problem with frosts.

7 Nov, 2014


Thank you so much. I have a large pot just waiting for it. At least I know now I won't kill it off. I love the shape as well, maybe even get a fig or two, here's hoping. Thanks again.

7 Nov, 2014


Mine is at the bottom of the garden & has got quite big, we often cut branches off it as its near our neighbours fence, roots are not confined either, it fruited late this year so the birds were in for a treat, there rather yummy, I love um Slurp.

Those container grown fig trees that are moved into a garage or unheated area to spend the winter don’t need much attention but they do require a degree of special fig tree care and an occasional watering even during their dormant rest periods.

Good Luck with yours.

7 Nov, 2014

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