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creepy crawlies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hiya got a couple of hopefully easy questions i know ive got an ants nests under my front window and this week ive noticed them on my plants-will they damage/harm my plants or should i leave em to it?????
also i saw a lillie beetle on one of my lilly plants-what is the best way to get rid(without touching em)and what should i be looking out for now????????????
Thank-you very much :D



1. Ants. You can buy Ant traps from DIY and graden Centres (even some Supermarkets)! They work... 2. Lily Beetles. Sorry, the best way is to don thin disposable gloves and SQUISH them. Watch out though - they have a habit of dropping off the Lily and landing upside down on the soil and then you can't find them! I think there is a spray you can use but I don't know what. Sure someone will know... Good luck..

27 Jul, 2008


thank-you again i need all the help i can get

27 Jul, 2008


Do you have any aphids (greenfly/blackfly) on your plants or on plants nearby? Ants actually protect aphids from natural predators and in return the aphids squirt out a 'honeydew' reward that the ants love - a case of you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours :0)

18 Aug, 2008

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