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Clematis Montana. I have an established montana in my garden and would like to prune back this years growth. But when to do so? Could anyone tell me when to prune back new growth without prohibiting flowering the following season? Thank you very much.



If you want the flowers, wait until after flowering in the spring then cut back as hard as you like. However, if you need to get it out of the way you can prune at any time, you won't kill it. If you do it now it won't flower next spring.

20 Dec, 2014


We hammered ours a few weeks ago. Lovely plants but thugs. I doubt that they will flower next spring but, hey, who cares!!!!!!

20 Dec, 2014


I think I can live with its messy appearance till it has flowered again. (Saves me doing it now when I have a gardening to do list as long as my arm) I think I have been pruning it at the wrong time for a few years now as only got it to flower last year for the first time! :)

21 Dec, 2014


Trouble is the collared doves and blackbirds nest in ours so a spring prune is just gets a huge hack back every few years

21 Dec, 2014

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