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Edinburgh, Scotland Sco

I bought a few wee pots of Leucojum aestivum (summer snowflake) for a specific spot in the garden but then read on a few sites that they will do well in moist soils. If that was the case, I'd consider planting them where the ground gets waterlogged on occasion.
Does anyone grow/attempted to grow them in more moist conditions?



I wouldn't recommend growing any bulb in a site that becomes waterlogged Scottish. Bulbs can take water flowing through their roots as it is oxygenated (think of some of the narcissi in the wild) but standing water isn't and the bulbs are likely to rot.

4 Jan, 2015


Put that way I can see exactly what you mean MG - it makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to answer. All the best to you and Bulba for 2015!

4 Jan, 2015


You're welcome Scottish and all the best to you in 2015 too.

5 Jan, 2015

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