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I love Daphne's but need advice on how to look after them please.

Will they thrive or suffer if kept in a pot?
What type of soil do they prefer?
Are some types more tolerant than others?



I do know that they don't like being moved! I have neutral soil and my Daphne is happy in that. They can be quite temperamental, I'm afraid. Sorry that isn't much help.

19 Jan, 2015


I wouldn't recommend trying to grow a Daphne in a pot as Spritzhenry says they don't like being moved and you will need to repot at some point.

19 Jan, 2015


My Daphne I go tfrom my son when he was 4 yrs old on Mothers day it was in a very small pot when I got it I planted it in the ground when I got it and its still there 24 yrs after

But I already had a larger 1 growing in the garden which I had to remove to another area of the garden and yes it did not survive the move.

But its not to say they may survive in a large pot if never to be moved.

19 Jan, 2015


My daphne bohlua is about 15 years old and next to my back door in bed about 10"wide. My favourite shrub of all time.

Another one grew well in a medium sized pot for 5 years, but sure enough, when my son replanted it in his garden, it gave up and died. It was in peat-free compost in the pot.

My little one (can't remember the name) is a slow grower and not in the right place for me now but I daren't move it! This is in a shallow raised bed in a mixture of brought -in topsoil and peat -free compost.

They are all on the side of the garden which gets the sun only after about 1pm.

19 Jan, 2015


And the perfume is outstanding ,been know to cut a stem and take indoors.

Even in November mine were still in bloom.

19 Jan, 2015


Oh dear, if I get one I am going to have to be so careful with it!
I appreciate your advice so much and if I do buy one I promise not to move it.

19 Jan, 2015


Maybe wait till Spring till you buy one.

But by that time you will know where to plant it.

19 Jan, 2015


Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill' would be my choice but could turn out to be quite expensive. I was of the opinion that they did best in semi-shade but a daphne grower assured me that they also thrive in shade. There are two in the car park at RHS Wisley and they thrive in a very exposed position. I would say that they are best grown directly in the ground and mulched with a peaty compost. I have found the deciduous Daphne mezereum 'Rubra' to suffer from mildew and be unreliable. If you feel you must grow one in a container then Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance' would be a good dwarf.

19 Jan, 2015


I'm a twit, I meant to say they also thrive in sun. Should have checked my reply before sending!

19 Jan, 2015


I have had one in a pot for about 7yrs then I planted it out in the ground where it is happy and thriving 18 yrs on. They come in apot and most transplant well then.

if you have to move one you need to dig up a large block of soil to minimise the root damage caused by lifting.

The problem with pot ones is the watering as they don't appreciate drying out. I have 3 now and all are in light shade and they keep their colour well.

20 Jan, 2015


You were unlucky with mezerium Jiimmy I think. My Mum had a very big one for years with no problems except greenfinches eating the berries before they were red. It was planted on the East side of a four foot stone wall about eight feet from the house so I reckon that's part shade. People passing used to stop and sniff it, and occasionally pinch a bit and who can blame them?

20 Jan, 2015


Thanks so much for getting involved with this.

I really want one but they ARE expensive. I have seen beautiful ones costing £22 and lesser specimens for £12!

I now how have a much better idea what to look for and where to put it.

20 Jan, 2015


Take a look at Juncker's Plants - they specialise in Daphnes and Karen Juncker is a real expert on how best to grow them and which ones are the easiest. I think it should come up on google.

21 Jan, 2015


Thank you Spritz, I shall look at Juckners plants.

Today at a fairly local garden nursery, the owner said that the easiest Daphne to look after is Daphne Odora and he sold me such a lovely one for just £5.

I hope the website you suggested recommends the same one or I am in trouble!!

21 Jan, 2015


I think you've got a good one, Wildrose. :-))

22 Jan, 2015

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