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Hi..I have this pothos cutting that I've been trying to propagate...since almost 2 years!! yes..2 years. Its been sitting on a jar of water, looking fresh and green but it wouldn't grow. I have had just 2 leaves in the last almost 2 years, although the roots grew very long and i had to cut a few off to look fine in a clear jar. I was expecting it to at least cover the jar top in an year's time. What am I doing wrong? My mum has propagated pothos multiple time this way.



There's a difference between 'propagating' and 'growing' - once this cutting produces roots, its time to pot it up into a growing medium in a pot - once its settled in, this is the point at which it will start producing top growth (leaves). If your mother is growing Pothos permanently in water, ask her how she's doing it - she must be using some kind of feed in the water if the plant grows this way, but it might simply be you're confusing the two terms.

23 Mar, 2015

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