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Styrax japonica - I have just had a somewhat unhinged moment, and bought seeds, so I guess I'll need to live to a ripe old age to see them germinate! Has anyone had success with these?



I haven't tried it but was intrigued by your needing to live to a ripe old age to see them germinate so looked it up. Check out suggests 3 months for germination - 1 month at 18 deg followed by 2 months at 5.5 deg (not sure how you would ensure the 5.5 deg (unless you check what temp your fridge operates at)

I can see the economics of buying seeds rather than a small tree and you will have the satisfaction that you grew yours from seed.

4 Apr, 2015


Thanks Urbanite for the link. The instructions in the packet give the 'complicated' version, and then suggest "or place in a cold frame and let nature take its course", adding "I find this gives the best results" (!!)

So naturally, I will try the lazy way . . .

4 Apr, 2015


Good luck with them.

5 Apr, 2015

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