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Too early for planting out perennials? Am in north Shropshire and am keen to get these plants into the ground. Risk of frost not gone yet but as the ground is slowly warming up would it be ok? Have been leaving them outside and putting in utility (unheated) at night for the last couple of weeks. Any thoughts gratefully received.




I planted several out 3 weeks ago that I bought last autumn they've been in my unheated greenhouse all winter, all are doing great, yours look big healthy plants, as long as they're all perennials sure they all be fine.

4 Apr, 2015


You're doing all the right things, Amsterdam. Perennials are now making growth around the gardens and tend to be hardy, so as Simbad says, they should be fine. If a VERY severe frost is forecast, you could always put a bit of fleece or bracken over anything particularly precious, just for that night.

4 Apr, 2015


If they're hardy herbaceous perennials, they'll be fine - even if the topgrowth gets frosted, they'll recover. However, if you've been keeping them in at night, its probably best to harden them off by leaving out at night in their pots first, in a sheltered spot for a couple of nights or so.

4 Apr, 2015


Ok. Will do. Thanks all for your words of wisdom. Will start leaving them out at night now for a week and plant them out in the garden. :)

4 Apr, 2015


I'm still dividing mine....Geranium johnson's blue this week :-)

4 Apr, 2015


Bracken wont protect them from frost. Two layers of fleece the best method.

4 Apr, 2015


I have planted out several this last week after being hardened off for a couple of weeks. I have used old fern fronds/bracken as a winter protection for years and it does work well, and looks less obvious than fleece. I was told to do it that way by Harlow Carr staff in Harrogate as they have a definite frost pockets in the garden.

4 Apr, 2015


I never forgot using it to protect my Runner Bean plants one year. To see them all dead next day was not a happy sight.

6 Apr, 2015

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