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Weed identification. Can anyone tell me what kind of weed I've got in my lawn? Also can I use lawn weed treatment on it? Will the chemical seep into ground to the roots of tree? Weedy patch situated under a weeping birch tree which was previously in constant shade before I took huge conifers down.

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Looks like one of those little yellow flowered Oxalis. Verdone is supposed to clear it and as long as you follow the dilution rates then it should not harm your tree. It is absorbed by the green leaves not the roots.

9 Jun, 2015


Thanks owdboggy! Planing to reseed the area again, how long should I leave it after treatment before I start sowing grass seed?

9 Jun, 2015


Not sure, but Verdone only kills broad leafed weeds so it would leave the grass in there still growing. If you want to re-do that area completely then Roundup would kill everything with green leaves. You can re-seed almost immediately after everything is dead with that. Again it does not harm woody material.

9 Jun, 2015


The other name for this is creeping clover, I believe. Rampant stuff.

10 Jun, 2015

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