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Plant I'd please? Could anyone tel me name of plant in photo 1&2 please? Assume photo 3 is same as photo 1?
How can I avoid plant no 1& 3 getting so straggely? Thanks.

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Photos one and three show Potentilla, possibly 'Miss Willmot'. This type of potentilla is a herbaceous perennial rather than a shrubby, woody type. Its growth habit is sprawling, with a clump of strawberry like leaves and flowering growths which are thrown up or along the ground on long stems. When the flowers finish, cut back the flowering stems to the main clump of leaves. Best grown near paving, to be honest, where it can sprawl freely, and in full sun.

The second picture shows a pink flower which is from something else, not sure what.

23 Jul, 2015


The plant with the pink flower in the second photo is Great Willowherb, Epilobium hirsutum. Definitely a weed, it seeds everywhere!

23 Jul, 2015


I agree with both identifications.
The willow herb also spreads by underground stems a definite thug if you are not careful.

23 Jul, 2015


Thank you everyone. Will now go and pull out the willow herb!

23 Jul, 2015


Amsterdam, you won't get rid of the willowherb by pulling it out. All you will succeed in doing is leaving bits of root behind which will grow next year. If you really don't want it in your garden then you will, unfortunately, have to take the systemic weedkiller route. And you will probably have new plants coming up next year as there will be seeds in the soil waiting for you to turn your back on them.

23 Jul, 2015


Urbanite-Oh great! You've really cheered me up! I haven't had willowherb before so will keep an eye out. The only reason it was allowed to grow so tall was that it was positioned next to a buddleia and the foliage was similar.

23 Jul, 2015


You could learn to live with it! And keep it in check. It's a British native plant, for one thing, and attractive to insects. Deadhead before it sets seed, don't disturb the roots and it should be no more invasive than the buddleia (and easier to control than buddleia if it does threaten to get out of hand)

24 Jul, 2015


Urbanite. I have a wildlife corner in my garden where I 'allow' anything that attracts wildlife to grow. Your right about buddleia it self seeds everywhere. I have a total of 6 of them coming into flower now! Good for the 'flutterbys' as I used to call them!

25 Jul, 2015


Because you said you would be pulling it up I read the "oh great" as sarcasm! If you want it then it is a wildflower not a weed.
A lot of people would probably disagree and would nuke it. I like the willowherbs but they can get overwhelming. A lot depends on how much garden you have to give room to the quick growers/spreaders. I like buddleia as well but in my tiny square yard it would too easily get out of hand - there are several in nearby yards that are up to the roofline of the houses. I can see them from my yard (5-6 houses away) and I have three of their seedlings growing in a pot that I left uncovered by mistake - I'm growing them on for a friend who has just moved into a new house with builders' turf for a garden.

26 Jul, 2015


I agree that buddleia has to be carefully controlled. I have 6 in my large garden and pot up seedlings to give away to friends. Never heard of willow herb before and have an wildlife area with all sorts of wild flowers and bee friendly weeds. Wouldn't mind if it had popped up there!

30 Jul, 2015

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