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Gutted!! Following a recent storm My Erysium Bowles Mauve has been decapitated! I am gutted as it was about the only colour left in my garden! Any chance of taking cuttings or saving plant? Will the stump regrow?

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Unlikely that it'll regrow, but you never know your luck. At least it was only an Erysium, they need replacing every couple of years anyway. You could try taking cuttings off the stems, but its a bit late in the year and the decapitated topgrowth looks wilty already - still worth a punt if you feel inclined!

11 Nov, 2015


Bamboo - any pointers on how to take cuttings would be appreciated. Is it a perennial plant, I only got it this year and was hoping to get more joy out of it? I have put the stems in bucket of water and have got some compost and pots at the ready!

11 Nov, 2015


Wow! that must have been one heck of a storm. It's gone - and I mean GONE. Trying to grow from cuttings will be an act of frustration. It's a good time to visit your local garden center. I'm sure you can find a nice replacement - many good bargains this time of year.

12 Nov, 2015


I'd pull leafy stems off the woody stem and you'll be left with a 'spur/heel' on the stem. pop them into a glass of water to see if the perk up a bit.
then with some bits cut some leafy stems about 4-6 inches long and pop them in water to see if they perk up a bit. in both cases I'd remove the bottom 2 inches of leaves off the stem.

if they do perk up then I would place half of each type of cutting into compost barely damp and in a well lit warm ish place and cross fingers. the other half leave in water, removing any of the lower leaves from the stems that might be underwater and see if they produce roots that way.

12 Nov, 2015


Seaburngirl's instructions save me having to answer! These are perennials, but they're shortlived ones, so its usual to take cuttings (soft non flowering growth, as in small sideshoots) during summer in case they keel over in winter or just get too leggy the following year.

12 Nov, 2015



12 Nov, 2015


glad to be of service :o)

12 Nov, 2015


I'd be tempted to leave the 'stump' in and see if any new growth appears next spring but maybe take a few cuttings in the mean time and overwinter them in a frost free GH..

14 Nov, 2015

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