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Gladioli Bulbs -- again...
Thanks for the information about the tiny gladioli bulbs.
My next thought is--what should I do with the original large gladioli bulbs? They were very wet when I took them out of the pots, and I've put them on newspaper in the potting shed to dry out......



When my sister grew them, she left them in pots or in the flower borders permanently and they got bigger every year. The only reason she lifted them was to divide the bulbs to make more.

29 Dec, 2015


Thanks for that. The reason I lifted mine is that they are in pots and I want to put them in a border next year.

29 Dec, 2015


they will dry out in a couple of days sitting on paper.

With growing in the border needs a sunny well drained spot otherwise they will rot over the winter if left in.

29 Dec, 2015


In the good old days when I grew them, I kept them over winter in paper bags stored in a frost free, dry environment (actually an old air raid shelter), until it was time to replant them. Check regularly for signs of blue mould on the corms. If seen then sprinkle Yellow sulphur on them and separate from the others in case.

29 Dec, 2015

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