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Has anyone moved a Daphne shrub and did it survive



Daphnes have very long, thick tap roots. I have moves two/three year old seedlings, some survived some didn't. I would have grave doubts about being able to move a mature shrub sucessfully.

7 Jan, 2016


Yes, no, is a brief answer. They hate root disturbance.

7 Jan, 2016


I seemto think my Dad gave me mine,heed taken cuttings from his and it settled fine so I suggest doing that too before you move it

7 Jan, 2016


I gave a 4/5year old one in a pot to my son, which he transferred to his garden. It didn't last long.

7 Jan, 2016


I bought one in flower a few years ago which survived in the garden . I carefully dug it up when we moved house .It hadn't put out many new roots at that stage. It survived in the pot but died when put into the new garden. So back to square one with new young plants which I will not move regardless of what is around them , but saying that this is their first year and I haven't seen any evidence of flower buds yet.

8 Jan, 2016

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