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Best way to get rid of old viburnum shrub, it’s been there 40 years plus! Have managed to cut off all foliage, eight builders bags & numerous trip to local dump! My question is how best to get rid of remaining trunks which are a fair size, as well as the stumps & big roots? Have only got narrow side access to garden so not sure stump grinder would fit? Would it be best to cut trunks down to ground & then try manually to get stumps out? Or use trunks as leverage? There are 4 main trunks in total. Any advice gratefully received.



Keep the trunks to use as leverage. Dig round and sever as many roots as you can. Saw, axe, mattock, whatever you can find. We removed 100 feet of conifers like that. I used a chain saw to cut roots, but it is probably better to use a reciprocating saw.

28 Aug, 2021


Thank you Owdboggy. I will have a go tomorrow. Think it’s going to be a long slog……

28 Aug, 2021


failing that cut them off as close to the soil as you can and add SBK [designed to poison the roots] and let the chemical kill them.

I'd go for Owds method personally but if all else fails......

28 Aug, 2021


Never had any success with SBK and root killing. Nor have we managed to get the conifer stumps here to begin breaking down with the stuff which is supposed to hurry the process along.
Viburnums do not usually have major sized roots nor do they often have deep tap roots, so getting them out should not be too traumatic.
Watch your back though!

28 Aug, 2021


Want to plant the bed up in autumn so rather not want to use SBK. Guess it’ll be down to manpower…..

28 Aug, 2021


I do the same as Owdboggy. I am still able to get things out this way and female and getting on,Keep going round cutting roots as you go using stumps to lever it this way and that. in the end just the big root or an annoying small one! People make the mistake of cutting things to ground level, instead of leaving enough stump for leverage.

31 Aug, 2021

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