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Balcony, (or anyone else who knows) could you identify the dark things coming out of the petals please. They seem to have pollen on them so could they be distorted stamen? I know you're the expert on these. Thanks.

101_0406 101_0404



Hard to be sure from the pic, but it looks like you've a double flowered form there. It has what's known as 'petaloid stamens' - these always look a little distorted and aren't uncommon in double flowered forms - either that or none at all. You may also find pollen being produced on the edge of some of the larger petals as well or instead.

6 Apr, 2016


Thank you. The bulb was labelled 'Red Peacock' but must be 'White Peacock' which are doubles. There was nothing like this on the 'Exotic Peacock' that flowered a few weeks ago. Very strange.

6 Apr, 2016


They're all different, most are not female fertile anyway, and the two pics I've just seen online of Exotic Peacock appear not to have any stamens, petaloid or otherwise, at all. Funnily enough, all the pics of petaloid stamens on these are shown on plain white double ones...

6 Apr, 2016


fully agree with what Bamboo says. the fault with 'doubles' is that the stamens usually disappear.

6 Apr, 2016


Thanks for the information. I'll keep a lookout next year, to see if they come back.

7 Apr, 2016


Sorry Thornyside for not answering you earlier but I've only just seen your PM & question.

Bamboo has answered your question much better than I could! But as I thought it's probably because it's a double & to get doubles some other part of the flower has to change - in this case the stamen are made to develop into petals!

It will be interesting to see what happens the next time the plant flowers!

You can read in my blogs how to keep your plant growing & prospering into the coming years.

8 Apr, 2016


Thanks Balcony. I have all these large bulbs now and want to keep them till next year so I'll be taking notes from your instructions.

9 Apr, 2016


You are very welcome, TS! I've sent you a PM today.

14 Apr, 2016

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