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I've seen some beautiful pictures of Coreopsis online but cannot find them in local garden centres, Thompson & Morgan or Crocus. Why do they all stock the usual boring yellow ones when there are some stunning colours, Show Stopper, Fruit Punch, Moonlight or Pink Sapphire does anyone know of UK stockists?



Try Plant Finder at

6 Jun, 2016


try this link they say they still have 10 different ones in stock in 1L pots at £5.99 each.
Suttons do seeds of two varieties, might be worth growing your own.
T&M have four different packs.
Hayloft are selling 3 plants (different vars. ) for £18.00
I dk how you have been searching for them but I put in 'coreopsis', coreopsis seeds and
'coreopsis pink sapphire' to get this information.

7 Jun, 2016


Thank you Andrewr and Scotsgran, you certainly know your onions (or should I say Coreopsis). When I get home from the supermarket, I shall spend some time looking through your recommendations.

7 Jun, 2016

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